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Our Beef is all Free Range (YG) yearling pasture fed beef

All prices are in Australian dollars and include GST

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BBQ Steak (round steak) BBQ Steak (round steak)


1 kg good all round steak suitable for grilling bbq stir fry and casserole

Beef Spare Ribs Beef Spare Ribs


1 kg Beef Spare Rib

Corned Silverside Corned Silverside


1.5kg prepared and pickled on the premises

Dice blade Dice blade


Full flavoured cubes of blade bone steak excellent for long cooking casseroles curries

Dice Rump Dice Rump


500g tender cubes of rump ideal for kebabs quick cooking casseroles Price per kilo�$24.00

Eye Fillet (full) Eye Fillet (full)


1.5kg excellent for roasting cut into steaks or stir fry

Eye Fillet Medallions Eye Fillet Medallions


2 x 200g steak.
A true melt in your mouth experience

Girello Full (sliced) Girello Full (sliced)


Excellent for schnitzel.

Girello Full (white roast) Girello Full (white roast)


1.5kg great for pot roast

Gravy Beef Gravy Beef


1kg Gravy Beef

New York Cut T Bone New York Cut T Bone


2 x 400g steaks
A Real steak lovers steak.
Price per kilo $24.50

Osso bucco Osso bucco


3 x 200g portions

Porterhouse Porterhouse


2 x 250g steaks
Premium quality steak excellent char grilled.
Price per kilo�$40.00

Premium Mince Premium Mince


500g finley ground 93% fat free beef
Price per kilo�$19.99

Rib Eye Rib Eye


2 x 400g Rib Eye. This is truly the Rolls Royce of Steaks.


Rump steak Rump steak


500g perfect for pan frying bbq or beef strips
Quantity 1
Price per kilo $23.99

Rump Steak 1kg Rump Steak 1kg


1kg Grass fed Rump Steak.

Scotch Fillet Full Scotch Fillet Full


1.5kg this full flavoured tender cut is excellent for roasting or cut into steaks

Scotch Fillet Steaks Scotch Fillet Steaks


2 x 200g steaks
Great on the Barbie
Price per kilo�$45.99

Stir Fry Stir Fry


500g select off cuts of rump and porterhouse
Finley stripped idea for wok tossing stroganoff and other stir fry dishes Price per kilo $21.99


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