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About Us

Butchers @ Home is a new division of Mauro Bros Butchers

who have been offering quality meats to local households

 restaurant and nursing homes for over 30 years.

How is the meat packaged?

Our meat is vacuum sealed to give you longer shelf life, 2-3 weeks. How? No oxygen is inside packaging     keeping nasty bacteria from    breeding and leaving you with a very hygienic well presented packaged product.


What meat  and poultry  quality does Butchers@Home offer?

With Butchers@Home all cuts of meat have been perfectly hand trimmed of fat and portioned to it's exact weight. Also ageing is important. Why? Because all of Butchers@Home steaks have been aged to increase tenderness and taste improving the eating quality of Butchers@Homes  product, giving you the highest quality. 


What if the Butchers@Home product I ordered is out of stock?

Our goal is to fill every order at Butchers@Home. If an item is missing from your order we will re-deliver it to you the following day or arrange a time with you for delivery or credit you the missing item. To reduce missing items from customer orders the Butchers@Home  software also has a function which automatically nominates if product is out of stock.


Why does Butchers@Home sell by unit and not by weight?

We believe that buying a certain amount of units rather than by kilo will more accurately fulfill our customers needs as they will always know how many items they will be purchasing. Purchasing by kilo can be ambiguous and is more suited to vegetables like potatoes which are sold in kilo bags.


What if I am unsatisfied with Butchers@Home my order? 

Butchers@Home  guarantees to deliver the most premium fresh produce direct to your door. We will be happy to refund any customer dissatisfied with their order. Contact us on email sales@butchers.net.au




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