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Quality Guarantee

Our Prime objective is to provide is customer satisfaction and confidence in all product.

Our company has over 35 yrs experience in the meat industry, in this time we have built a strong relationship with our Victorian suppliers who are aware of our high demand for quality products

Butchers@home Guarantee we supply A grade quality meat to all customers.

Our plant is a SGS and a PrimeSafe accredited meat business, which means our meat comes from a plant that is clean, safe and meets the highest standards. We also are AMIC (Australian meat industry council) memberswich means we are are current with all industry standards and regualations.

What if I am unsatisfied with my Butchers@Home order? 

Butchers@Home  guarantees to deliver the most premium fresh produce direct to your door. We will be happy to refund any customer dissatisfied with their order please Contact us


Meat Source

Our meat is sourced from the best abattoirs in Victoria.

The Victorian meat industry produces some of the highest quality meat products in the world, including beef, lamb and pork. Quality pastures and a temperate climate mean that Victoria produces high quality grass-fed beef and lamb meat throughout the State.

Our Beef is all Free Range (YG) yearling pasture fed beef

Our Lambs comprise of young pasture fed lambs weighing between 15 18kgs

Our Pork is of the highest quality, only using female grain fed pigs

Our Poultry Taste the Difference! La Ionica Chickens are free to roam in large sheds and are NOT fed any steroids or hormones. They are fed natural grains, including wheat, barley, oats, soy bean and canola. They are also processed CHEMICAL FREE!